Kimberly Ovitz


Kimberly Ovitz, who is just 27 years old, has already created her own label. When she designs, she feels like an artist in a music concert and maybe this is why her garments have kept a wee bit of the coming -of- age phase. Kimberly, with the characteristic Californian air confesses at OZON, she does not necessarily seek for the resounding success in her life. Besides, less is (always) more.

 What is the hardest part in starting your own line in your 20s?

When starting a company that young you learn as you go and sometimes mistakes cost money.

Throughout your latest collections it is consistent that your woman is strong, confident, and elegant in a minimal manner, translating your aesthetics into clothes. Do you think that this signature look will ever change and develop into something different?

Probably not because I think that essentially is who I am. I’m sure it will continue to evolve but the core will stay the same.
I’ve been fortunate enough to see a lot and be exposed to quite a lot of places in my travels. I also hold the 90s close to my heart because that’s when I really was old enough to explore the way I dressed and became preoccupied with fashion.

What is your favorite moment from the process of getting a collection together until you present to the public?

The initial inspiration research because I get to dive into different concepts and learn each season. The next best moment is the second that last girl walks off the runway…It’s an awesome feeling when you know your are done and you are happy with the outcome.

What is your drive in designing? Do you think that there will ever come a time that will get sick of it?

I have always had an unexplainable affinity for it since I was a little girl. As I get older my interests have broadened. I don’t think I will ever dislike it but I definitely think Ι’d like to do several things since we only have one go around at all of this. Why limit yourself?

You take pride in the process you treat the raw materials you use. What other aspect of your line are you most proud of?

I love fabrics so I love that you asked me this question. I am proud of how it achieves a wearable minimal effortless edge all at the same time and that they are pieces you can keep for years. Timeless.

What do you want to achieve next?

I’m a very curios person. I want to do it all!

Is there anything that you want to be consistent about and deliver in your collections?

Make women always feel elegant, intellectually sexy, strong, cool, and effortless. Making it easy. Less is more.

Interview: Demi Papaioannou | Photography: Marco Scozzaro |