Leit Motiv


Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso, the young designers and creators of the Leit-Motiv label talk at OZONweb for their work, the art project «Leit-Motiv» and the way the history of art inspires their creations.

How did Leitmotiv started?

We began eight years ago. Leitmotiv develops from the partnership of two creative minds: Juan Caro from Bogotá, Colombia moved to Europe to study arts first in Paris and then in Bologna, Italy; and Fabio Sasso from Milan, graduated in Arts from DAMS, Bologna with the hobby for the tailor profession rooted in his childhood and family lab. Leitmotiv is an artistic project speaking a new and unusual language, on the edge between reality and a theatre piece; their style is a great combination between art and fashion. The purpose is to create artistic suits/dresses that can be really wore and while also combining art and fashion, future and past, tailor skills and ‘haute couture’, masculinity and femininity.

What inspires you the most?

The History of art and everything that surround us.

What do you consider as the most important for a new designer’s success?


Your biggest ambition?

Keep developing our Man’s and Woman’s collection and in the same time fortify our Label company.

Are there any designers you would like to collaborate with?

There is not a designer in particular, but we would like to collaborate with Maisons that could revalue and refresh their image by using our prints.

Interview: Stamos Michael