Monsieur Steve


It’s either a feeling of love or hate for most of the fashion designers out there when they hear the name of Mister Steve. The French print owner created madness through his store, one which specializes in amazing T-shirts that stand out from the crowd with their electro styling. American Apparel collaborates with him and we had to ask how he does it.

So, first things first: who really is Monsieur Steve?

I am a lover of the Fashion Punk culture, I like to upset the trends and I enjoy this world of luxury that does not ultimately serve much, in the sense that it does nothing for minorities from a social point of view.


What is your connection with the fashion world? Are those T-shirt prints the only thing that attaches you to fashion?
My connection with the fashion world is excellent; I enjoy delivering “Chanel I made it myself” shirts to Armani and I enjoy seeing executives at Chanel wearing my T-shirts. All these provocative aspects are things the fashion magazines love.

Do you think the way in which the French electro scene has evolved within the last 10 years has reflected within your work?

Whether it’s the French electro touch or heavy metal of the 80s, all music can be a major influence on creativity. It is like a message that some simple words bring real value in the humanitarian sense; in the words of Justice “Because we are your friends you’ll never be alone”.

How did the idea of normal people posing as models for your t-shirts and bags come to you? Are they just your friends?
Initially it was just my girlfriends who posed for me. Since we started the open casting, there have been girls everywhere who want to pose for me and I consider this a good thing and a good sign.

How did you come to collaborate with American Apparel?

I worked with American Apparel for about 5 years; I loved most of their products and advertising campaigns, the bosses at American Apparel are ingenious. Our collaboration was a natural progression, something that developed during those 5 years.

What other brands do you respect and would like to work with?
I love small independent brands that bring out a certain rebellious side, that give me the same feeling as a guitar riff, wild and uncompromising. I can not stand those brands who try to please everyone’s taste.

Do you think men are in control of the fashion world right now? Was it always this way?

I think those who control fashion want to control your wallet, but fashion will evolve in the street as the street is real fashion.

Thanks a lot OZON