Pixie Violet Geldof

Violet Interview at OZON RAW

VIOLET, not just a pretty face…Although coming from a family of music royalties, Pixie Violet Geldof never got all convenient being daddy’s little girl. With her uncompromising style she has managed to establish herself in modeling and now music is up next for her. OZON met her in Milan and talked about aesthetics, music and the new Levi’s Curved ID campaign she’s taking part in.

-I very much enjoyed the show, it was really impressive.

Thank you! Well that’s always nice to hear! Thank you very much.

-So what urges you to play that music?

The fact that I have been and always will be a musician, which is just an old thing that people have not known about me because I’ve chosen not to reveal. I’ve written music since I was 10 years old and I’ve been recording for years, something that no one knows. So it’s been something I kept for myself. I wanted to wait until I knew I was ready and the moment is now.

-But why this kind of music?

Because it’s what reflects me the best and you know, I grew up on this kind of music. Therefore through that music I can write about my life, my experiences and the people around me.

-You have worked with some of the most talented photographers in the fashion industry. What fascinates you the most in the world of fashion?

I always believed in my desire of working in fashion because I always wanted to come closer with photography. My whole family is very much into this kind of art. Plus, I got to work with Levi’s and Peter Lindberg, an artist who is far and away one of the most iconic photographers of all times. To be brief, I’ve worked with people that I never thought I’d be in a room with.

-Within a frantic trend cycle you manage to keep your own, personal style original. How do you filter this trend-bombardment?

I just always dress the same, I think Ι have been dressing the same since Ι was 6 years old.

-Is this possible?

Yeah really I do see pictures of myself at age 6 and I look like a small boy and that’s pretty much how I look right now. For instance, if I took my shirt off, I’d basically look like a boy so I always say: dress exactly how you want to and just exactly how you feel. Fuck trends, just listen to yourself so you always look good to yourself, which is what matters at then end of the day.

-What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe, the ones that you can not do without?

I couldn’t do without my boots. I wear boots everyday and they are very comfortable. And of course my Levi’s that I genuinely couldn’t do without. I wear these jeans, this pair everyday or a pair of 501 ones.

-What are those jeans?

These are Levi’s curve ID.

-Which model?

Demi curve, I’m a demi curve and I combine them with any big t-shirt like this one! Stretchy and nice !

-What about the cross?

Well I wear this everyday.


Because it was a present that was given to me a few years ago. I have worn it every day since. Very important to me.

-The present was from whom?

It was from someone very close to me.

-How was this collaboration with Levi’s and curve id campaign, why did you do it first of all?

I did it because, firstly of course I got booked. My agent called me up and said you’ve been booked for Levi’s and I said ‘Well that’s fucking weird isn’t it? I did the advert and the fact that was weird was actually being able to do it. I have a little sheet of things, a page of things that I want to do in my life. One of those things was to be able to do a Levi’s campaign.


Because I love their adverts.. they have great photography and their clothing is iconic. So as a model, and as someone who is in fashion ,there’s no better brand. They have done something brilliant.

-You have a love affair with festivals and music…What’s your major music influences?

I’m very much influenced by early 90’s bands, I’m influenced by Howl, I’m influence by Nirvana, Sound garden, Mazzy Star, Nick Cave. I’m very influenced by folk music as well, at the moment there’s a singer called Laura Marling, who I think is one of the most brilliant song writers of my generation. She’s brilliant.

-Which upcoming bands do you like?

There’s a band called Japanese Voyage, and they are a sort of heavy grunge band led by a which is beautiful, amazing band.

-What are your future plans?

I will be playing a lot of live shows and hopefully, eventually one day I will make an album.That’s my goal because that’s the real deal, write it , put it on CD and share that with people. Music is a beautiful thing.You should put it out regardless of whether anyone thinks you’re any good.

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