Yiorgos Eleftheriades


The Collage Social clothes range bears his signature; Yorgos Eleftheriades is one of the most talented and celebrated Greek fashion designers; we asked him to talk to us about the passion he injects into whatever he does.

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How did Collage Social come about? Collage Social was started out by me, Mariana Founta and Giorgos Souranakis three years ago, based around our need to come up with a clothes range that was different in terms of aesthetics and that targeted a social group we felt to be the most up and coming. The types of people who are not willing to spend a great deal on clothes, but that have a taste and an urge to be different.


Are you happy with your collaboration with the other members? What are the reasons behind that? None of the involved parties had anything to prove when we started the Collage Social project, we simply wanted to combine our individual abilities and vision, to create something truly authentic, commercially viable, not a copy of something else, and that could compete on an international level. I am the creative director, while production and commercial matters are dealt with by SHOP & TRADE. Why wouldn’t we be happy?

Your colorful 2009 spring-summer collection was unveiled through a video projection during Athens Fashion Week. It’s my view that under the current climate it is important to be projecting a type of optimism. Do you think this goes against the return to black that is supposedly taking place? I don’t get why in a country where it is hot eight months out of every twelve and temperatures reach 42 degrees Celsius in mid summer, we have to care so much about a handful of designers in Paris and Milan deciding to show a few black pieces. I believe it is backward as a stance, especially in an era where being yourself and the way that stems from everyday life, are hailed as so important.

What fabrics did you choose for this collection? Cotton, silk and viscose in different variations, such as voile, muslin, gabardine and jersey. Why did you not do a men’s range this time around? A men’s collection has specific things you need to focus on; as a new and small team we decided not to do it just for the sake of it, which we felt would undermine it.


How does Collage Social compare to your personal Yiorgos Eleftheriades collection? The two collections are totally different in terms of concept and foundation; they are linked however by my presence and that comes through with my personal aesthetic. The conclusion I’ve come to after these last few seasons is that they compliment each other a lot.

What is the philosophy running through Collage Social? Clothes that bring together different tendencies and moods, while bearing their own signature and moving beyond trends; clothes that are arty and flexible and cater for today’s women.