Irving Penn’s Top Photos of the Naked Body

irving penn 12

Irving Penn’s name is synonymous to the naked body. He was the one to make the naked body look more than just a naked body, more than a way of sexual stimulation, but a means of spiritual communication.

Chic meets minimal in his work and his photos are sensual celebrity portraits, everyday urban routine moments, but also landscapes from all over the world. Galleries and museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American National Gallery, Washington. More than 250 photos of butchers, bakers and other workers was hosted by the Ghetty Museum, Los Angeles, (2008-2010).

Penn was born in 1917 and has been working for Vogue, since 1943. He was married to model Lisa Fonssagrives, from 1950 until 1992, when she passed away. He passed away on October, 2009.