Joost Vandebrug & Kris Van Assche for “A Moment in Time”

Dutch director Joost Vandebrug inspired from candid musings of two old friends who reconnect in a familiar café, in order to captured a sense of melancholy in his new short film “A Moment in Time” for the designer Kris Van Assche. On the occasion of his Spring/Summer 2012 collection, this short film follows a conversation about the past and present, the preoccupations of self and ego and the diversity of human relations. How mutual memories between friends form a collective history, connecting people with places, sensations and emotions.

The two philosophical characters, Clemens Chick and Jerome Ribiero, hide strange behaviors and return to a place they once lived but never belonged to. Their garments are samples of the temporal nature of their situation, classical but not stiff, casual but with an air of elegance. Men whose paths crossed for the better and affected one from another’s lives, but move forward without commitment.

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