London Men’s Fashion Week: E. Tautz S/S ’14

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And now some pictures from Patrick Grant’s E. Tautz show. Inspired mostly from immigrants that live in East London to Savile Row, from the communities of Somalis, Chinese and the “Bangladeshi Muslims on Whitechapel Road” made all these interesting and colourful creations. “I see these guys wearing non-British clothes with British clothes, all these cultures and clothes rolled up into the beautiful lump that is England. And, you know, when I’m in Morocco, I’ll wear a kaftan and feel pretty good about that.” All of this -plus references to David Attenborough’s “The Life of Birds”– made for a confidently directional turn, with coats that resembled kimonos at the back, flashes of neon, boxy silk t-shirts over shalwar kameez shirts and slim trousers, and silk jacquards featuring tiny birds.

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