Lana Sutra by Erik Ravelo & Benetton


Text: Christina

On the 6th of September Benetton successfully fulfilled an experiment. The company opened the doors of its concept stores in Istanbul, Milan, Munich and on the web Live Windows digital showcase and live streaming and  hosted a simultaneously event ‘Lana Sutra’. The project was created by a young Cuban artist,Erik Ravelo,comprised of a series of 15 art installations.They were the result of Ravelo’s thoughts about Kamasutra (kama pleasure,sutra-a thread which unites).After its recognition at Venice Biennale,Benetton chose this specific work because it combines the idea and the materials they use.The installations represent a couple of a man and a woman who are made of clay and colourful woollen threads.These two bodies are embraced and covered in woollen threads in various colours, chosen from the key tonalities present in the United Colors of Benetton Fall-Winter collection, currently available in the stores.The emotions each colour gives, the cosiness of wool, a warm embrace that makes people come together. According to Alessandro Benetton ‘We have conceived a project which combines both traditional and new values of Benetton, such as the uniqueness and authenticity of our fashions, our love of art, the constantly evolving nature of our retail business, our interest in the web and in the new geography of our world.With this project, which has been conceived and developed in harmony with our new Fall-Winter 2011 collection, we are highlighting  the uniqueness and global values associated with United Colors of Benetton’.

Source: Benetton