Madeline Stuart Transforms Into 6 Disney Princesses!

madeline stuart

One more time, gorgeous Madeline Stuart, the famous model with Down Syndrome that has conquered the fashion industry abroad, impressed us! Stylists and makeup artists tranformed her into 6 different Disney Princesses and she loved it!

Madeline impresses us every single time with her strength, smile and her lovely personality. Six different looks, with gorgeous hair and makeup were presented by a really unique model and the results are fantastic!  Rapunzel , Jasmine, Elsa of Frozen, Mulan, Belle and Ariel all in a video that has become viral.

Madeline adds another amazing experience in her long list. She has collaborated and signed contracts with Manifesta and Living Dead Clothing, she is the face of a campaign for Glossi Girl named “Beauty is..”, she made people love during New York Fashion Week and  launched a handbag line.

“She doesn’t worry about what other people think. She just believes in herself ” her mother, Rosanne Stuart, mentioned to Mighty in August. “She has no hesitation, no hang ups and she doesn’t judge anybody.” Last week Madeline announced that she will return to New York Fashion Week on February 15. We can’t wait to see her again on catwalk!