Manos Vynichakis: A Boy’s Red Lips

Text: Joanna Papazoglou | Photo: Nikos Katsaros | Styling: Charalampos Nikolaou

‘Everything beautiful and noble is a result of reason and calculation’, Philosophy and Reason virtuously contribute to beauty exactly by controlling Nature. This virtue, the control of Nature, manifests itself physically in fashion’ claims Beaudelaire at his work ‘In Praise of Makeup’ (Eloge du Maquillage). According to him, the meditation of humans to Nature and their ultimate goal to achieve Beauty raises makeup to an art form. After serving that art for years, makeup-artist Manos Vinichakis is now ready to take the next career step, by tutoring seminars to young makeup-artists.

Manos Vynichakis’ first introduction to make-up was more or less a child’s game. The first models he ever touched were the illustrations on the cover of magazines. That love affair emerged after going though his mother’s fashion magazines. As time passed, the route he chose proved to be the right for him. After moving from Beauty Consultant for Rilken to Exclusive Make-up artist / Media Spokesperson for Lancome, he now works as a freelancer in Greece and abroad. Constant moving and never-ending stimuli are fundamental for someone who seeks continuous self-development, therefore Manos is excited with his choice to work freelance. In his field, not being static means new faces, unexplored characteristics, other beauty ideals. And what else is make- up about than exploring faces in million variations. With no doubt, more than sun-kissed chicks and red luscious lips. Make-up declares social and aesthetic changes more than we confidingly believe. For Manos, the view of a face consists a simultaneous, magic explosion of phantasy. Especially in fashion, where a specific concept has to be followed, the makeup-artist is expected to change someone’s characteristics and transform his canvas-face into a theatrical ‘persona’. However, the same talented is presupposed when doing the make-up on individuals, since you have to sense someones personality and mood. Twenty-two years of experience are not enough to put Manos Vynichakis at rest. Even though during all these years he has done some impressing collaborations with stylists, photographers and designers, he decided to make a changing step in his career, in order to fill up some serious gaps in Greece’s education of make-up. His goal is to transmit the necessary knowledge to aspiring make-up artists and above all to bring their creativity to the surface. His advise to future make-up-artists is that make-up, above all, is a game free of rules.