These Are The New Muses of Marc Jacobs!

marc jacobs fall winter 2016 campaign (2)

[The designer chooses once more an all star cast for his new collection’s campaign.]

Over the last years, the faces of Marc Jacobs campaigns were not only models. They are girls found on Instagram, actresses, symbols of the transgender culture and the most unexpected faces.

Same goes for his latest campaign. Missy Elliott, Sissy Spacek, Genesis P-Orridge and John Tuite and Carlos Santolalla, aka “Jarlos”. And we all know who the two first are, but we are not really familiar with the two latter.

marc jacobs fall winter 2016 campaign (3)

  • Genesis P-Orridge: an artist, who considers themself to be genderless. Or a combination of both genders. Alongside his late wife, they underwent a series of plastic surgeries to look the same. And they pretty much made it.
  • John Tuite and Carlos Santolalla: the first gay couple to have signed a modelling contract as a couple. They may not be a couple any more, but they still work together as a duet.

The designer uploaded the first photos of his campaign on Instagram, as he usually does over the last years. Each image is followed by a story of how each face inspired him, their relationship, and a story of each collection is completed in such way. It starts with the sketches and ends up taking shape with the campaigns photos.

More photos are expected on Jacobs’ Instagram.