Mei Kawa Fall/Winter 2013-2014.


A miner boy in a lustrous attire is the main theme of  Mei Kawa’s Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection. The owner and designer of the brand, Emese Kasza draw inspiration from the old Hungarian working class garments, while she mixed them with dazzling fabrics. Natural materials in several color tones constitute the line, while bold cuts and tailored coats and hoodies create multiple layers on the outfit. Minimal yet not casual at all…

MEI-KAWA_fw13_2 MEI-KAWA_fw13_3 MEI-KAWA_fw13_4 MEI-KAWA_fw13_5 MEI-KAWA_fw13_6 MEI-KAWA_fw13_7 MEI-KAWA_fw13_8 MEI-KAWA_fw13_9 MEI-KAWA_fw13_10 MEI-KAWA_fw13_11 MEI-KAWA_fw13_12 MEI-KAWA_fw13_13 MEI-KAWA_fw13_14 MEI-KAWA_fw13_15 MEI-KAWA_fw13_16 MEI-KAWA_fw13_17 MEI-KAWA_fw13_18 MEI-KAWA_fw13_19