New Faces: Lina


Lina is twenty two, has studied at beauty school and is now a professional model.

What do you do in your spare time? I mostly busy myself with dance and music. Those are the things that help me relax from all the pressures that my job brings with it. It’s a way of life for me now. I also make sure I exercise daily.

Your field of interest is one which focuses heavily on one’s appearance. Do you believe that each person’s sensuality is dependent solely upon that? Looks naturally play a very important role. However, it needs to connect with what’s inside you as well. Someone who has a really interesting view of things can also be sensual.

Lina: Greece/22/ACE Models

Hat Franklin & Marshall (Folli Follie Group)

Jacket, Overalls G-Star Raw (Folli Follie Group)

Shoes Vans (VF Hellas)