These Are Our New Favorite Brands!


Who wants summer to be over? Noone. There is always something that can make our lives easier, and help us forget our fall blues. And this has to do with all the new collections, we can’t wait to make them ours.

And OZON Boutique knows that, and this is the season its collaboration with multiple new brands starts. Let’s take a look to some of these:

1. Bureau TonicStraight from Paris and inspired by the architecture and art of the past century, Olivier Toggwiler and Camille Domergue promise a new aesthetic. And they make it. Their dresses comply totally with what they are representing, since each garment is an artistic project. And you will realize it, really quickly.

2. UCON Acrobatics
It may not be the first time you can get UCON Acrobatics at OZON Boutique, since the brand’s backpacks are among your favorite ones. The same goes for its surrealistic print t-shirts.

3. Cheap Monday
One of the most prominent Scandinavian brands joins forces with OZON Boutique. Its goal is to compete all high-end brands, only in terms of quality and design, and not of price. And it’s quite reasonable that, since 2004, year of its foundation, that Cheap Monday is one of the most-loved brands worldwide.