Once Upon A Time, there was a brand called Fashion East…


…and another one, entitled as New Generation. So, one day they decided to join forces, to launch a series of limited-edition fairytale inspired hand-bags,  for Ever After High -a New Generation concept. The designers of the house, Ashley Williams, Claire Barrow, Ryan Lo, and Bobby Abley could choose between the Royals -the old-fav characters we all adore- and the Rebels -those who managed to change the end of their ancestors tales-. Williams and Abley , based on the Royals while Barrow and Lo, chose the Rebels. Both teams, found themselves lost in the imaginary world of Snow White, to be more specific, the Evil Queen and Apple White, Snow White’s younger sister. The collection will be available at Selfridges, from October 18th.

Ever-After-High-1-Vogue-11Oct13-PR_b_320x480 Ever-After-High-2-Vogue-11Oct13-PR_b_320x480 Ever-After-High-4-Vogue-11Oct13-PR_b_320x480