OZON #111: Dream a Little Dream of Me

Retro yet contemporary, dreamy but real. The new OZON Raw issue draws inspiration by “Dream A Little Dream of Me”, first sung by Ozzie Nelson, creating a nostalgic feeling for all these beautiful moments of our past, that have turned into a constantly fasing dream.

Here’s waht you will find inside:

– a big tribute to The Fashion Room Service XXL, the most interactive event of the city, where new designers and brands are offered the chance to present their new current collections to the numerous visitors of the venues.

-actor Stavros Svigkos, talking about his work, his most loved habits and the “violent” intrusion of fame, that his TV appearances have caused.

-the American DJ and fashion designer, Larry Tee, a few days before his Plissken Festival show.

-the greek DJ, Olga Kouklakis, sharing with us her thoughts about her music, her collaborations and her future plans.

G Design Studio, the multiple times awarded team of Michalis Georgiou, Alexandros Gavrilakis and Dimitris Stefanidis, who have recentl received the MEGA EVGE award, the most prominent award for the world of Greek graphic design and illustration.

-Elena Papadopoulou and her new project “Radio Athènes”, aiming to global communication, extroversion and framing of Greek artists in the worldwide art scene.

– the truly charming exhibition of the music genius David Bowie, as our editor, Lena Govari, has expereinced it, straight from Paris.

-Ren hang, the Asian photographer, who is the latest resident of the Unlocked exhibition, held by Atopos.

-the fashion designer duo from Cyprus, NatarGeorgiou, chatting with us for their brand evolution, their steps towards abroad and their future expectations.

– Christos Mouchas, the Greek illustrator, refering to the art of illustration and his collaboration with our team, he creates two pieces, inspired by the latest Dior collections.

-for our fashion editorials, Yorgos Mavropoulos, Kostas Avgoulis and Xaralampos Giannakopoulos give their own photographic “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” version.

– a still life project, including the ultimate must-haves of this season, as our team has collected and presented them in our Pictorial section.

-the latest beauty trends by our London-based beauty editor Maria Papadopoulou.