OZON @ Berlin Bread & Butter: G-Star fashion show


The place was Bread & Butter Berlin, and more specifically G-Stars fashion show For Spring/Summer 2010, in which two main themes were presented: the continuing evolution of the denim silhouette, exemplified in the new Loose/Tapered cut; and G-Star’s ability to offer an all day and evening wardrobe with the expansion of its Dress Up collections, Correct Line and Midnight.This continued spirit of evolution and experimentation is influenced by the exclusive NY RAW collection, a couture-style range that allows G-Star’s designers and craftspeople to try out new and bold ideas. TheNY RAW pieces shown at New York fashion week in February 2009 explored key developments in silhouette, style, finishes and detailing. These ideas have been developed and refined and are now presented within the core G-Star range. The key look for G-Star’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection is the combination of a classical tailored blazer from the Correct Line range with a new and unique denim silhouette; the Loose/Tapered. This distinctive silhouette features an ultra-low crotch, high volume top section and extreme tapered legs. OZON magazine was front row,  capturing  a small taste of the catwalk.