Paris Fashion Week Favs Part 2

Barbara Bui (1)

Barbara Bui:

It was all about the jackets and the denim. Cropped and boxy, oversized and sleeveless, rounded and paneled in leather, or long, pleated, and worn as a shoulder cape. For her Spring/Summer 2014 collection, designer Barbara Bui decided to transform a modest fabric -our old-favorite, the denim- into something more delicate, by embroidering, adding texture and blending them with bandeuax and sporty hot-pants. Tres chic!

Barbara Bui (2)

Barbara Bui (4)

Barbara Bui (5)

Alexis Mabille:

If Alexis Mabille was alive during 1940s, he would have made darn good work suits. For Spring/Summer 2014, he garbs his woman with military jumpsuits, denim dungarees and flounced trenchcoats, in a sheer laminated nylon. The lines were loose while the waist was accentuated.

Alexis Mabille (1)

Alexis Mabille (2)

Alexis Mabille (3)

Alexis Mabille (5)

Julien David:

One can describe Julien David’s Spring collection as an ode to patterns and to fabrics. Embroidered tops and jackets in various tones and colors were bottomed with either voluminous skirts or silk trousers, while the waist was slightly accentuated.

Julien David (1)

Julien David (3)

Julien David (3)

Julien David (4)

Julien David (5)


Text: Danae Terzakou