Poketo Suit Tote Bags

Poketo team, Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, created a series of tote bags made of second hand wool suits and cotton shirts. One of a kind bags with leather handles from old furniture and well designed pockets for the modern needs, they fit in perfectly an iPad. The artists would set up exhibitions in the past and quickly realized that art is a luxurious and close market. They successfully attempted to make art affordable with their wallet and gradually they came up with a range of products. Poketo has collaborated with many artists and institution including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Nike, Arcade Fir and Weezer. For these totes they choose names of iconic personalities such as Humphrey Bogart and Donald Trump. They are co-manufactured by Poketo and Eco Party Mearry, a non-profit organization from Korea and all profits are given for eco-awareness promotion and education in Korea.