Prada Fall 2014: To Be Or Not To Be? #MFW


Nothing ever remains the same in Miuccia Prada’s fashion realm. Time after time, collection after collection the Italian designer redefines not only herself but also the Prada woman, she crumbles her, alters her, transforms the silhouette and diversifies the colour palette. For Spring/Summer 2014, the massive Italian house showcased an activist, a rather strict figure with subtle retro influences and unique graphic patterns, which were heavily inspired by the type of street art that one can find in neighborhoods of Harlem and LA, yet the current collection, obtains an intellectual twist with the theatrical element to be highly accentuated. Prada creates costumes for the cultured one, that particular woman one could –once upon a time- find in the left bank of the Seine… While the silhouette exudes 1920s and 1970s, she adds luxurious materials, fabrics and volume. The colour palette is now constituted by dark shades, with gold, silver and red embellishments. This time the Prada woman is composed by voluminous coats and jackets, sheer creations of silk and taffeta and T-bar shoes or up-to-the-knee leather boots.

Text: Danae Terzakou