Ricki Hall: Effortlessly cool

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Sir Ricki Hall himself. A twenty six year old English guy living in London, signed by one of the top agencies in the UK, Nevs. He looks like a punk, yet he is referred to as Sir. His body is covered with tattoos and he is famous for his effortlessly awesome personal style featuring his slick hair and a rather well groomed beard. He has starred in many campaigns, most of which have been for renowned famous brands and high fashion labels. With his fans and followers multiply day by day. Ricki is fast becoming out more and more of a familiar face in the modelling world. And it’s no wonder.

So, you are Ricki Hall. One of the most famous tattooed/bearded male models. You have a fan page, a twitter account and instagram profile- all filled with thousands of followers. How does that make you feel?

It’s really overwhelming. I have a great fan base and people are always drawing pictures, making illustrations of me etc. I try and thank all of them personally. It’s always nice when people make me stuff, they go out of their way and put time and effort into it. It’s so cool of them.

How did you become a model? What were your original plans? Did you have any?

I got scouted by Laura Amy, who is a model scout and now my friend as well. She took me into Nevs (my agency) and they signed me straight away. It was a good day. I never thought I would be a model. I was a motorcycle mechanic before this. I left school at 16 and went to work straight away at my Dads motorbike shop, back in Wolverhampton (my hometown).


Do you think your career would go as well if you shaved your beard? Would you shave your beard?

My career only really took off when I started to grow my beard. That’s when I got signed with Boom Models in Milan! It has a lot to do with my success as a model, so I wouldn’t shave my beard off anytime soon. No. Maybe in a few years.

When you are not modeling, how do you spend your time?

I spend my time hitting bars, playing live music mostly in Camden. I love my food, so I’m constantly on the look out for the next tasty place to eat. I love my whiskey too, so most days you can find me in an old pub in Camden, sitting in the corner, with a whiskey, and The Smiths on the juke box.

You are considered to be one of the most influential style icons. How would you describe your personal style?

Aw, that’s really awesome. I don’t see myself as a style icon at all. I just dress quite timeless, always donning a Fred Ferry, Dr Martens or Grensons. My style is quite 1950’s New York work wear, with a sprinkle of 1930’s English gentleman and a nod towards the skinhead era.

What relaxes you the most?

A nice whiskey sour out of a freezing glass with ice, The Smiths playing in the background and a full pack of red Lucky Strikes or Marlboro Reds.


Ricki Hall designs a mini clothing line which you will find @

Find him on twitter here

Interview: Nelly Skoyfatoglou
Photos by: Nicholas Ventourakis