Sayaka Maruyama, a boy with the rainbow tail


Photo: Sayaka Maruyama | Text: Vicky Florou | Website:
Photographic project by Sayaka Maruyama

Sayaka Maruyama is a Japanese artist and photographer based in London since 2007. Collage, drawing, photography, short films, making books are a few of her creative works so far. Her work has been published in several international art magazines such as Eyemazing, Silvershotz and Let them eat Cake. After exhibiting in Tokyo and London, her future plans include her first solo exhibition, which will take place next year.


A boy with a rainbow tail… This is a story about a little boy who lives in the wood. When a human is synchronized with his natural environment, a burst of powerful colors can be seen in the breeze, the sunlight and even in the air. This earthly beauty is so breathtaking that makes you realize that the world is amazingly full of colors and undeniable happiness.