SEEK Contemporary Fashion Trade Show S/S 2015 @ Berlin Fashion Week


The SEEK Contemporary Fashion Trade Show runs alongside with the Berlin Fashion Week, from July 8th to July 10th. Almost 120 Spring/Summer 2015 collections will be presented at the 5-floor exhibition space. It was introduced for the first time to fashion circles in 2009, and ever since brands from all over the world, addressing to a different audience compared to the ones fashion houses are doing so, somehow more independent, chose to present themselves to buyers in this biannual show.

What sets apart the SEEK trade show from other similar exhibitions addressing to professionals and the other parallel events of the Berlin Fashion Week, is the fact that 90% of the bands apply to male audience. Either older and acclaimed (like Dr. Martens or Barbour), or newly established and upcoming (like Berthold and Journal), all of the brands have authenticity, quality, high design standards and functionality, in common.

This year, the brands that are going to present their products come from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Finland, France, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Hungary, USA, Netherlands and Portugal.

Seek Contemporary Fashion Trade,!