Sisters Of The Black Moon: Eccentricities For The Shadows Of Your Soul


Sara Larocca-Ramm, Alecia Marcum and Rachel Hunt are Sisters Of The Black Moon and no, they ‘re not an all-girl progressive rock band but is an amazing brand that founded theirselves just three years ago. SOTB have a boutique in the distant Austin, Texas, too. Their love for the ’70s and what this decade represents is more than obvious. All three are stalwarts of psychedelia and as for the pagan name of their brand… is inspired by a song of Fleetwood Mac, that they were listening while making their plans. It really worths to take a look at their awesome e-shop. There, you will find very special pieces inspired by the ’70s -from clothing and accessories to jewelery- and you’ ll have the opportunity to admire these pretty girls with this so special aura in different poses…


Here are the link to their site and their facebook page. Check, check, check:

Text: Natasa Koumi