Stephanie Baechler “Lodonite” Collection


Stone becomes fabric in Swiss designer Stéphanie Baechler‘s latest collection. Inspired by the structural and surface properties of rocks, gems and ores, Baechler’s “Lodonite” is as sculptural and rigid as it is fluid and smooth. Loden, from Old High German meaning coarse cloth and “ite” derived from the Greek word lithos, of rock or stone. By choosing thick woolen loden fabric as the base of the collection, pieces are supple and durable while retaining a visual resemblance to concrete or marble. The layering and protrusion of different fabrics suggest the clusters and points found in quartz and the banded lines of agate. Baechler is an artist who challenges the conventions of fashion design by creating unique and three-dimensional works of art.

text: Lazaros Tzovaras