Superdry Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Superdry,  the company with fanatic followers like Bradley Cooper and Paris Hilton, Ben Stiller and Shakira, David Beckham and Jennifer Love Hewitt, continues to impress us with its new collection Spring/Summer 2010, a collection full of power and colour.

Very long tank tops with a wide neck-line and three-quarter sleeves t-shirts give a new dimesion to a wide palette of vibrant colours, while worn-out military trousers and shorts come back with intense branding and authentic camouflage. The plaid and stripes on narrow lines give a more tailored made result in men and women and denim is now introduced in all categories.

Sexy denim skirts and shorts, tight Tees, Jerseys in loud colors, embossed militer lightweight jackets and romantic but modern dresses combined with leather military boots produce the style of the woman Superdry for the summer.

Superdry’ s man appears with worn-out boots, military jackets in earthy colors, original logo-printed Tees, shirts with short sleeves and fluffy texture, but also cotton plaid shirts -synonymous with Superdry’ s authentic vintage style- that this year have surpassed themselves with a new range of stronger, brighter colors.

Superdry, loving company of stars, gives us authentic casual looks that will make us stand out, during the hot summer days and summer nights full of vibe.