Triumph Inspiration Award 2010 – Greece

Flesh by Eugenia Dimopoulou.

1. Essential Power by Anastasia Pirovolaki
2. Marie Antoinette’s Sandglass by Athina Papadopoulou
3. Mutable by Eytixia Tzavara
4. Seductive Sculpture by Vasiliki Pasenteva
5. Honeycomb by Marina Xatzimanoli
6. Equilibrium by Kalliopi Liana Xristofidi
7. Flesh by Eugenia Dimopoulou

New designers are invited by Triumph for third year in a row to present their creations in the context of
Triumph Inspiration Award 2010, a competition that supports new talents. This years’s participants were asked for designs inspired by the theme ‘Shape Sensation’. 25 Greeks presented their approach of the theme with Eugenia Dimopoulou with Flesh winning the chance to participate in the upcoming London Fashion Week.