VAVA Eyewear: From the 80s, Straight to the Future!


We bumped into them during the Sonar festival of Barcelona. Now it’s your turn!

VAVA eyewear is the answer to the contemporary environment, which is overrun by fast paces, media overload, digital revolution, ecstasy as a result of consumption, trends, even of new rhythms of cultural production. From conception to their box, VAVA eyewear talk about purity and their goal is to represent those who can manage both the technological world and themselves.

Their source of inspiration is the post-industrial world, and cities such as Detroi, a symbol of industrial prosperity, that shoul ressurect, after its breakdown. An important part in of this world is Techno music, which aimed back then to the Techno city, the city of the future. And this is where Berlin comes to the foreground, another post0industrial city, with many similarities, but differences too, with the USA city.

VAVA eyewear are handmade at a small family-owned factory in Italy, avoiding mass production. Their design is inspired by Bauhaus -since “Bauhaus is the real foundation or simple design, used to its full potential”- and minimalism. It takes advantage of basic shapes, namely square, rectangle, circle and triangle  for the frame. As for the hinge, a Sol Lewitt-inspired combination of the cube with the cylinder, is used. The frame is made of high quality acetate, environment friendly and 100% recyclable, produced by Mazzucchelli, while the lenses are made of Barberini crystal. They are vertically placed, just like the 80s.

So far they are avilable in selected stores in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, USA and online.

VAVA eyewear,