When They Were Kids Fashion Illustrations


The blog When they were kids is all about funny illustrations. Each post is a sketch that depicts designers, fashion editors and fashion personalities as children, all accompanied by a line that suits the personality it is referring to.  The artist’s identity remains a secret, we don’t even know the gender! Either way we can’t help but laugh with his unique creations.

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou

Tommy_Garance_Scott_Suzy_1 Christian_1_small Domenico_Stefano_1_small Domenico_Stefano_2_small Donatella_1_small Hamish_1_small John_1_small Linda_1_small Marc_2_small Miuccia_3_small Miuccia_5 Patrizio_Bernard_1small Roberto_1b Thom_1_small