12 Fashion Illustrators You Have To Follow On Instagram!

12 Fashion Illustrators You Have To Follow On Instagram!

Gorgeous sketches made by some of the most talented fashion illustrators who adore fashion and style. You can follow them on instagram and see their whole collection of fashion illustrations.

1. @bildonovan


Amazing,colourful, watercolour sketches from lots of fashion shows and more.

2. @travelwritedraw


Meagan Morrison’s inspirations are not only famous fashion shows but also  celebrities sitting in their  front rows.

3. @dallasshaw


Τhe it-girl that has impressed with her work. A fashion illustrator that had sketched for Harper’s Bazaar with Chanel  eye shadow palette.

4. @blairz


Her sketches have much more attitude than the runway models.

5. @drawbertson


Perhaps one of the most unique and talented fashion illustrators who adores fashion and we can see that in his sketches. 6. @nadiacoolrista


A fashion illustrator who sketches some of the most famous personalities in fashion industry from Diana Vreeland to Miroslava Duma.

7. @jennymwalton


Amazing and coourful notebook sketches that will impress you.

8. @paperfashion


Kate Rodgers loves using a variety of materilas like watercolours, beads, sequin, lipsticks and leaves.

9. @meganhess_official


With a huge client list including brands like Dior, Chanel, Prada and Tiffany’s, Megan brings fashion to life with her absolutely stylish, chic and feminine sketches.

10. @lenaker


From Balmain to Gucci, this fashion illustrator from Russia has sketched some of the most famous runway looks.

11. @greg_gr


Greek illustrator Gregory Masouras merges cartoons with fashion. Snow White and Cinderella are no longer the poor princesses of Disney, but the stars of fashion shows and editorials, by replacing the most prominent fashion moedls, whil designers, models and celebrities keep regranning his creations.
You can read his interview for OZON Raw here.

12. @jessillustrator

jessillustrator Fashion through a deeper meaning, Jessica’s sketches combine emotion, style and art. *words by Natali Charpantidi