A Short Film Documenting NYC’s Street Performers

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New York City, urban sky-destroyer; those whom inhabit its grizzly streets walk forth unknowing, unseeing, in need of entertainment.   Yet it is the home of the flash-mob; street entertainers run wild.  Here is a touching insight into the work and play of those who give the citizens of NYC that little spark of happiness, in their metropolis maze.

Scott Carthy: “In the midst of an urgent and alienating reform are New York City’s renowned subway car performers; arrests have trebled in a New York minute with panhandlers, the category including said dancers, currently holding 256 convictions since mid-March,” says Carthy. “As part of an ongoing series I spent two days befriending and documenting these performers, experiencing first-hand the perspective of both performer and audience – unexpectedly witnessing the remarkable cultural resonance these individuals have in the New York public sphere.”

(Source: Huh Magazine)