An Ode To My Best Friend – Photographer Documents the Last Days with Her Dog


Young photographer, Maria Sharp is another dog owner who made a photo-project including the last moments of joy between them. Τhere is however, something different about their story considering the lifetime, which started when Sharp was 7 years old and Chubby not even a pound, and the quality of their relationship – Chubby was a father, a sister and a best friend to Sharp who was coming from a single parent family. After 16 years of friendship and companionship, Chubby was getting old and sick. It all started with a sight problem and a few years later, she got Alzheimer. Her health was bad and her sanity as well, day by day. So, her loyal friend co-operated with photographer Suzanne Price, to make a touching photo series called “An Ode To My Best Friend” which documents one of the last days they spent together.

Source:  HUH Magazine

* Words by Kristel Liakou