Best Sex Scenes In 2015 TV Shows


Full frontal scenes, guilt-free pleasures and bondage material prove that since 2015, sex on TV will never be the same again. Five scenes from some of the most popular TV series in the world explain why.

#5. American Horror Story: Hotel

Sex with ghosts, sex with vampires, sex with serial killers is the essential ingredient of the fifth and most erotic season of American Horror Story, marked by Lady Gaga’s debut on the small screen, leading to her winning the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Mini Series. Bloodstained sheets, love triangles and (the much discussed) rape by a demon with a sharp strap on portray the most successful series of Ryan Murphy for FX, which was renewed for a sixth season.

#4. Game of thrones

It is not the first time that the series of HBO includes scenes of sexual violence. Yet Sansa’s rape by Ramsay caused a storm of reactions. What if the director chooses to leave all the action off the screen? George RR Martin, whose book does not contain the above scene, rushed to defend it, and the subject has even occupied the American Senate, helping the series’ reputation soar even higher.

#3. How get away with murder S02

“They’ll hear us,” says Charlie to Laura, and the Law student replies “Only if you make me scream”. The students, chosen by Criminal Defense Professor Annalise Keating to help her accomplish the unthinkable, are not only the most gifted. They are the sexiest. Murder, gay sex in almost every episode, suspense and violence in this impeccable series of abc, where Truvada – the first drug for HIV infection – has become the new condom.

#2. London Spy

Ofcοm (the Independent Regulator for the UK communications industries) was asked to intervene, following complaints by a shocked viewer for the most sensual, the best-lit, the longest gay scene in the history of British television. Note that the BBC2 series was broadcasted every Monday night at 9 p.m. And besides this, bondage gear, metal sex toys and an asphyxiation dungeon make you wonder what’s left there to watch on the small screen, even as an average open-minded English viewer.

#1. Sense8

Andy and Lana Wachowski of Matrix write and direct for Netflix the story of eight people scattered in all five continents, who can mentally teleport and sentimentally communicate with each other. In its most voyeuristic moment, a gay man, a transgender lesbian and some straight guys are involved in an unprecedented “love maypole” under the sounds of Fat Boy Slim featuring the voice of Macy Gray. The result? The best orgasm ever experiencedon the American television.