The impoverished bourgeoisie of Christoph Martin Schmid


He is one of the few photographers of our time with a flair to create a whole story in a single frame. Franco-German Christoph Martin Schmid selects a different way to describe the habits of the bourgeois society through his lens.

Inside the glossy world of Christoph Martin Schmid, nothing is what it seems to be. Under a sunny blue sky, some rich teenagers lose their boyfriend to their best friend. Husbands cheat, their dogs are horny, couples unfold their kinky moods in luxurious apartments overlooking LA. The look of Christoph Martin Schmid is ironic, absurd, funny. With countless exhibitions (and award-winning ads) to his credit, one thing is certain: that his photos will continue to fascinate us, as they are indelible signs of a postmodern society that never ceases to decompose.