Everyday Clumsiness. You cannot fly unless you fall.

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Most of times people are filming the impeccable, fun part of skating, full of breathtaking footage, stunning jumps, elevation over impossible obstacles etc. As says: “it’s not always butter and pancakes”. There’s another side of skating which involves a lot of frustration, bad luck, broken boards and sometimes bones. Failure is a reality as well, but most of time it is exactly the motivation a good skater needs to overcome himself through hard work and persistence. A great video, indeed.
Enjoy our clumsiness!


Featuring: Thanos Panou, Minas Patoulas, Panos Loupis, Guido Heynen, Sami Gulud, Hampik Arzoumanian, Lawrence A. Whalen, Dicky Bury, Dimitris Vasiliou, Kostas Vox, Edrit Duro, Cine, Arthur Kiviliov, Chris Simos, Nick Maliakos, Vasilis Kalamaridis.

Film & edit:
Song: J.J. Cale – The old man and me