Have you Ever Thought What European Borders Look Like?


He did it for us the photographer Valerio Vincenzo, who traveled around Europe and with the help of GPS and thanks to his detailed maps, he captured the magic of crossing the border of one country to another’s.

It all started in 1985 with the Schengen Agreement, when five countries – EU members decided to abolish all internal borders, so that people, goods and services can circulate freely within Europe. So, distinct borders between counties gradually started to “fade”, the refugee crisis became a topic that not even Europe knows how to deal with and Valerio Vincenzo, in his project “Borderline work, the Frontiers of Peace”, wanted to photograph these “borders of Peace”. As he characteristically said: “these images are far from the stereotype that we tend to associate with the notion of border.”

If only it was also that easy to cross the borders of one’s mind..