What Was The Youth of New York Like in the 80s?


The 80s are gone for good … Or maybe not? The photos of Jamel Shabazz remind us why the 80s will be a decade that has marked us forever. No matter how many years pass by.

Jamel Shabazz, born in Brooklyn in 1960, began taking photos at the age of 15. His photographs are a testimony of the energy of the young African Americans, their lifestyle, their culture and enclose the life at the streets of New York in the 80s. His work captured a generation that lived the movement for civil rights, the Vietnam War, a generation that gave birth to graffiti and hip-hop.

The photos of Jamel Shabazz make us look back at the years of a lost innocence, an era that sooner or later always comes back into fashion. If it ever left it.