Ice cubes that glow and tell how drunk you are

ice cubes20130112090007

MIT student Dhairya Dand, after a wild night of partying and drinking that ended up in a hospital, decided to create ice cubes that blink to the music rhythm and warn you about how much have you drunk.

The ice cubes are named “Cheers” and contain a specially designed circuit that can calculate the number of sips and the total time spent drinking in order to predict when the user may be intoxicated. To inform the user about this situation, a small LED light is embedded in the ice cubes that flickers in the environment’s sounds and changes color when the user might have drunk enough.

During the first drink, the ice cubes are green, then they turn into orange and at the end in order to warn you that you should stop drinking they turn red. If you ignore this danger signal, the “Cheers” technology can inform a pre-designated friend of yours.

In the following video the young inventor describes how “Cheers” work and how it is created: