Lizzie Velasquez Becomes An Author&Speaker After Called The Ugliest Woman On Earth.

Worlds Thinest Woman Fights Back

Lizzie Velasquez is a 24 year old woman and is also one in three people on earth that has a syndrome called orphan disease. She was born in Texas and from a young age she was a bulling target for her classmates. Lizzie’s disease does not let her gain weight and as a result she weights 27 kilos in spite of following a diet of 5000 calories per day. She was really good at school and she continued studying communications in Texas State University. In a young age she saw by chance a YouTube video referring to her as the ugliest woman on earth something that really upset her parents but at the same time gave her a motivation. From then she wanted to stand out and explain the world that was all about her appearance. She gave a lot of inspirational speeches, she was on TV shows and she wrote two books about self confidence the one of them was also autobiographical. Below you can have a look to her TEDX speech that is really true and moving.

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