Nikolas Ventourakis Writes About his Experience in This Season’s “Paris Photo”

photo paris

This is not the text I was expecting to write a week ago. When I was preparing for the trip to France for this years Paris Photo I had already planned a schedule of posts that would discuss the different aspects of the events about photography.

From the posh and market orientated, to the Sotheby’s and the Christie’s photography auctions, to the huge gallery stalls in the Grand Palais, the books, the artists talks. Fuga, Polycopies, Photobook Fest, Le Ball. The verbal exchanges and perhaps even an analysis of where the proverbial “art market” stands.

There would be a little in there about the Greek presence – from Panos Tsagaris, a Los Angeles and New York-based Greek artist represented by the Kalfayan Galleries that made quite an impression with his gold leaf covered New York Times covers. Panos Kokkinias with Xippas Gallery was also exhibited and OMMU with their book and magazine stall at Offprint were trying out for the first time the Paris book market after having a great success on both the West and East coast in the USA.

Unfortunately it is not possible for me to focus on these. By now you must have read everything there was to read. It makes no sense for me to add “a personal account” to the reports.
The first day, everything was going according to plan. Now the time before the incidents remains only as a strange memory. A weird dream. The Paris Photo of 2015 that is embedded in my mind is the one I experienced on board the Polycopies boat, not being able to get back home as the apartment where we were staying with friends was only a few meters away from one of the attacks. We remained locked inside with familiar faces, friends and strangers from the photo world.

I did not take pictures of my days in Paris. I use my camera to analyse and visualise ideas. It was not possible for me to dissect the situation and break it down into visual cues.

If you’re still interested however to see a bit of the art fair here where  you can take a virtual tour.

*The Photo is from the  ‘Tell mum “everything is Ok” event that was on the Polycopies boat, where we spent the night when the attacks took place.

*Words by Nikols Ventourakis.