Reebok Classics: My City Story #1 – Elizabeth Leau

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What is My City Story? A partnership between Ozon Raw and Reebok Classics.

A new and interesting collaboration with eight inspiring creatives, chosen by Reebok Classics, as they lead us into their everyday life and share with us the secret of their success. They are the ones who have managed to lead the way in what they do. They have turned their passion into a way of life and, it is their connection to their city that takes it all to the next level.

Elisabethe Leau, is the designer behind the Deep Shallow Exposition label. Elisabeth, was chosen as a Reebok Classic ambassador because she can identify with the brand’s philosophy. Follow her through an inspirational walk in the city of Athens and stay tuned for a unique collaboration.

A video by Ozon Raw and Reebok Classics
Directed and filmed by Demode (
Featuring Elizabeth Leau (Designer of Deep Shallow Exposition)
Music “Sirens” by Rosebleed
Clothes and shoes courtesy of “HOTEL” Athens

Reebok Classics – My City Story – Elizabeth Leau from OZON magazine on Vimeo.