#SELFIES: capturing the moment or losing it?

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 6.07.32 PM

#selfie: The most used, the most popular word of 2013 via facebook, instagram and eventually google statistics. Nobody can resist taking one. Most people become more and more dependent on their smartphone, tablet, even google glasses. Moments seem incapable of escaping a snapshot. Even the happiest times are subjected to the “like” or “heart” it click, by our friends and followers. If our profile pic isn’t liked enough we consider it to be a failure, no matter how happy we felt while taking it. We take a holiday trip with our special someone and insted of enjoying a kiss, cherishing the undistracted moments we are granted with eachother, we spend most of the time taking photos of what we do rather than actually living it. What if we woke up one day, a few years from now, to a reality where all technologies failed to function. Where would our memories be? Check out this amazing video below and think twice next time you try a selfie shot.