Steve Back’s Panoramic Landscape Photography



It is very difficult to imagine that these photographs from Steve Back, are a panoramic view from the salt lake in Hutt Lagoon. Through his lens the lake is transformed into something that looks more like a painting, while the natural pink and orange hues of the landscape come to life. The Australian photographer started his career photographing products for advertisements, and right now his clientele consists of architects, interior designers and magazines.

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou

steve_back_hutt_lagoon_algae_01 steve_back_hutt_lagoon_algae_02 (1) steve_back_hutt_lagoon_algae_02 steve_back_hutt_lagoon_algae_03 steve_back_hutt_lagoon_algae_05 steve_back_hutt_lagoon_algae_06 steve_back_hutt_lagoon_algae_07