The Longest Way: A whole walking journey captured in a time-lapse video


A time-lapse of 14.000 self-portraits summarize Christoph Rehage’s whole walking journey across China. In fact, Rehage started from Beijing on November 9th, 2007 and ended at Ürümqi, a town near Gobi desert, eleven months later. This journey was not only a physical challenge but also a path heading to self-discovery.

Rehage’s initial goal was to make it all the way to his country, Germany but this never happened since he decided to stop the journey because he felt obsessed and that he was losing control. He explains: “I wanted to gain back my life. I had to regain control over myself, eliminate the inner boss that was telling me what to do.”

The following video titled”The Longest Way” does not only show Rehage’s journey but also the transformation of his outward appearence. You can find more about his journeys through his personal blog where he documents every experience and adventure.