This Is How You Will Fight Street Harassment

bin bag flip flop

Felicia Czochanski talked about street harassment the other day, as a result of her good looks. Now, Jessica Delfino, a comedian from New York, is trying to find what could prevent all these men, making cheesy comments and other gestures against women, no matterr their looks.

So she thought that there’s no better thing than a strange, utterly weird sartorial choice, to change her looks. Trash bag -did you know that they are the newest Taiwanese trend?- and flip flops, somehow, seemed the best option. Was it?

As she wrote on Mashable, “Surprisingly, almost no one sexually harassed me in my garbage bag gown. I say almost no one because there was one man who was somewhat flirtatious but pretty polite, and there were a few people who said things under their breath when I walked by, or eye-banged me pretty hard, but no one said anything directly, overtly gross to me”.

So, given the fact it worked for her, it could work for you, too. But you know, this is not the right way to fight street harassment.