VIDEO of the day: “5 Mètres 80” by Nicolas Deveaux

Screenshot 2015-09-02 11.29.35

It was about 10 years ago, when French animator Nicolas Deveaux presented a short video of an elephant on a trampoline. He has recently presented a video, expanding more on his work. Deveaux is known for his realistic animation of animals for films and commercials and for his new artwork, 5 Mètres 80, which is better to be watched. As you can see there are some giraffes and a pool. But let’s not ruin it.

Nicolas Deveaux has been working on it for almost 1,5 year, so just spend five minutes of your day watching it. It’s not much and it’s totally worth it!

Watch also his 7 Tonnes 2 video:

7 tonnes 2 from Nicolas Deveaux on Vimeo.