Audiorama for Ozon Raw


Audiorama is the new dj and music production trio that has made a dynamic entry into the electro Athenian scene . Behind it are Lefteris Kalabakas (aka Lee Burton), George Zachariou (Bodj) and Alexandros Dimou(Alex Dimou). All three are music producers and djs.

What exactly is this project?

It is an idea that is constantly evolving . We started the project last March as “Clubnight”, which we managed to establish , and in 2014 we intend to expand our activities, so that Audiorama can evolve into a comprehensive platform engaged with electronic music and club culture .

Your music choices seem somewhat different to someone who has seen you all perform separately. How did you meet and what brought you together ?

Alex with Lefteris have been working together on discography for the last years through Klik Records. George and Lefteris have known eachother for 7 years and have worked as resident djs in several clubs in Athens . Through our partnerships we saw that we share the same philosophy and aesthetic, so there was a need to start a new project with a “collective” character, without it being connected to our individual projects.
What do you wish to accomplish though Audiorama;

Our aim is to present our view on modern electronic dance music, through the Audiorama club nights and productions.
Do you think there is a future for the electronic scene in Greece ?

In Greece there is both a present and a future. The scene is relatively small, but since there are extremely talented and passionate people involved, things can only be positive in the future.

What are your musical influences?

We share common influences from contemporary electronic dance sounds. Our individual taste in music has enough in common to unite us into taking this project even further.
Any plans we should look forward to?

The club nights will go on until the end of the season at Six DOGS and in the summer we will expand to a few more places. Our first Audiorama productions are about to be released soon.

Photo by Marios Kalamaris