Evangelos, a greek self-taught designer who impressed London

Evangelos is a London-based brand with international appeal that is increasingly gaining momentum. The main figure behind it is the talented Greek designer Evangelos Kavathas, who knows how to make a dress flatter a woman’s body. He has impressed audience and critics with his understated, sophisticated, timeless designs.

Self-taught and proudly so, Kavathas told us, “I feel privileged that I had to get out there and find my own way to make things work. I had to research everything, all the possible references in fashion and arts from how to source the fabrics, sewing techniques, how you cut a silky chiffon fabric or how to develop my business skills”. He started working next to, shadow and learn from talented people of the fashion industry from a very young age. “I have worked next to established stylists and businesses within the industry that have given me a lot of insight on how the industry works.”

When time came to launch his signature brand, Evangelos Kavathas made the big decision to move to London with the knowledge and experience he had gained all those years in his arsenal. In the big city’s creative, multicultural and inclusive environment he found his rightful place and made his London debut with the well-received ‘Tinia’ collection for Spring/Summer 2015.

Reflecting on the pros and cons of choosing the UK capital as his base, Evangelos mentioned, “London is very competitive. The brand had to find, to some extend, a space to develop and grow. It was a big challenge for me as a person but I am proud and happy to see that everything is steadily progressing. Expanding in a new market but also meeting my clients back home for special orders.”

The latest collection under the title ‘Ikebana’ like the Japanese art of flower arrangement, is the epitome of all the virtues the Evangelos brand stands for. Beautiful dresses, elegant tops and skirts from airy, organic satin and rich silk chiffon stand together like a mesmerising bouquet of flowers.

“I am obsessed with flowers, the actual flowers, the shape, the smell, the colours, and the delicacy of them. In the designing process, I was asking myself how those senses could be transferred on a garment and how this would be balanced in a collection of handmade dresses. Every flower has its own personality. For instance, I call “Lilly” a white dress made by three layers of lightweight silky chiffon. After I put all those things together the garments became a structured bouquet of flowers, minimal and complete as in an IKEBANA arrangement. It is all about the feel of the flowers.” explains the creator when we asked about his inspiration.

Evangelos’ loyal clientele is ever-expanding. A recent addition was Belgian noble, Princess Eliane de Merode, who entrusted Evangelos Kavathas with the design and creation of her wedding dress. The House de Merode origins date back to the Holy Roman Empire in the Middle Ages. His bridal creations are made-to-measure and reflect the same values of his ready to wear. Elegance, simplicity and strength.

Look out, his future sure looks bright!

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The Ikebana collection is available to purchase online

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