Boris Hoppek

FULL OF LOVE…The German-born Boris Hoppek, a street-artist and a 2nd generation hippy, lives in Barcelona, where his artistic insanity excels. At the times he is not shooting naked women directed in kinky positions, he draws vaginas on walls, vans and canteens. And he is very proud about them. OZON Raw questioned him on the semiotics of his work and his iconic bimbo dolls, which have traveled around the world map. The upcoming May Hoppek will stop at ATOPOS cvc in order to see if we have sunk in our bad reality and whether the Athenians are talking a lot about sex.

Tell us about your background and what made you realize that urban art was your thing.

I was working in an office for technical drawing. My friend saw street art on TV and he thought it would be perfect for me. We got some spray cans and went out one night, when he pushed me to do this. I don’t know why, but from this point I just continued doing it.
Over the course of your career can you spot which was your greatest challenge?
Taking photos of naked women. It was like a therapy for me as I have problems to talk and work with people. Also, working with museums and making compromises with authorities.
What is the cause that drives your work?
I get bored very fast and easy. Most things in life are banal. Doing something stupid and useless is interesting for me like with drawing.
Is your professional goal to open a dialogue between the people and the contemporary sexual mores?
Yes, exactly.
How did the ‘bimbo’ doll appear? Apart from any sociological references does she recap your view on the female body?
There are several meanings of the word bimbo and then, several bimbos to describe them. The female bimbo aka ‘schlampella’, in the UK and US it is the word for a blond girl with big tits, big butt, shaved pussy, cool tattoos, make-up and constantly having good sex with everybody. All in all, it’s a recap on the «perfect» female body, soft and warm and fluffy skin.
Do you feel that Athens is in need of a catch up with your iconic dolls?
I don’t know how it is with dolls in Greece, but the art-scene is good in Athens. Street art is everywhere. However, perhaps in discussing and celebrating sex, Athens is a little bit behind.
Why did you choose to name it ‘Full Of Love’ ? Does it have an ironic take on our sexual ideas?
As always there had to be a name. Besides love it will be full of sex and full of shit. Yes, joking about our ideas of sex and love, but trying to make it better by inspiring people to talk about it and to play.
Is there anything particularly that you would like to experiment with in the future?
Yes, group sex orgy.
Interview: Maria Passarivaki |Photos: ATOPOS CVC + BORIS HOPPEK, FULL OF LOVE, 2012